Europe Part 2

After three spectacular days in Paris, it was time to catch a three hour train ride to Amsterdam, where I was meeting up with one of my co-workers from Wyoming.  Her name is Julia, a.k.a. JuuPac, and she is a badass.  Julia was traveling with a couple of her friends all over Europe, and I amended my travel plans in order to see her. 

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Europe Part 1

Little known fact: I have a ten year plan for my photography career.  One of the items in my plan was to travel to Europe for work. Coincidentally, one of my nearest and dearest friends was getting married in Italy, and asked me to come shoot her wedding. So since she was covering the the flight, I decided to fly out a week early, and explore Europe.

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Blackheart Burlesque-San Diego Comic Con

The Suicide Girls happened to be in San Diego while I was there covering Comic Con.  Since I loved my photos from the last time I photographed them, I decided to go and photograph them again.  The only problem was that there was no photo pit, which meant that I had to duck and shoot around a standing room only crowd.  Overall it was a good way to spend an evening, and their publicist just asked me if I want to cover them again when they come to Denver.  

One Hour With Carter Cruise

On my way to SxSW, I had pretty much  had no expectations for the week. I was only there to hang out and photograph some of the Colorado bands for Denver radio station, Area 93.3. As soon as I landed, I opened up my snapchat and started going through my feed. Low and behold,  adult film superstar/EDM DJ/writer, Carter Cruise is on camera talking about being in Austin for SxSW. 

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How I Conquered San Diego Comic Con

In the summer of 2013, I was sent to cover San Diego Comic Con for  Since I bought my ticket at the last minute, my seat was in the very back of the plane, sitting next to man originally from Nepal.  We conversed the entire flight, talking about our lives, goals, upbringings, etc.  Upon exiting the plane, he looked at me and said “Good luck to you Jason, I feel that a lot of good things will happen for you on your journey.”  Little did I know that his prediction was about to come to fruition.

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